When it comes to pairing Cranky Goat cheeses, we get pretty excited about the endless possibilities, everyone is well aware that cheese and wine is a marriage made in heaven, but when we came across this awesome beer company on Instagram we knew we had to give it a go! Epic Beer are rather similar to Cranky Goat when it comes to business, we love a good laugh, being fun and passionate and enjoy fine foods and beverages.

This soon became a match that everyone should try out! So much so that we hosted a dinner party for 20 people and had a cheese and beer tasting session to see what everyone’s favourites would be, this beer became the hot topic around the table, comparing the quirky names, with delicious flavours and how well they work together. We love working with this company to create awesome pairings.

We were lucky enough to try the 10th Year Celebration beer, words cannot even describe the excitement we had for this beer! First of all the incredible packaging with the blacked out bottle sealed with red wax. Once opened it did not last long at all! This beer is beautiful with a great malty taste.

Check out below the list of cheeses and which beer we both (Epic & Cranky Goat)  agreed work incredibly well together:

Pelorus Pearl - Armageddon

Chilli -   Armageddon

Nanny  -  Armageddon

Nag - Coffee Fig Stout

Pepper - The observer

Roll on next season and future collaborations with Epic Beer!

Hannah x

Posted 76 weeks ago